Twelve Unending Summers

Twelve Unending Summers PDF Epub Twelve Unending Summers By Cholet Kelly Josue Bahamian Haitian American Where Can I Fully Belong At Age Sixteen, Cholet Josu Arrived On The Shores Of Miami In A Wooden Boat And Immediately Put The Past Behind Him More Than Two Decades Later, The Elusive Question Of Identity Pursues Him, Forcing Him To Confront A Difficult Truth The Cultures That Formed Him Have Each Indelibly Stamped His Soul Courageously, Cholet Dismantles His Own Story To Uncover A Way To Unashamedly, Unabashedly Fit In With Three Different Worlds While Belonging To None.Honest And Compelling, Twelve Unending Summers Is A Deeply Personal Journey That Resonates With The Universal Human Need To Find A Home And Embrace The Legacy Of Family Heritage.

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  • 06 August 2018
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  • Twelve Unending Summers
  • Cholet Kelly Josue

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  1. Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits) says:

    See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsThe message that shines through Josue s memoir is the importance of education for young people and how, in giving this hope for the future, they can establish themselves of a firm grounding wherever they may be Josue was born a British citizen in the Bahamas, but travelled with his Haitian parents back to Haiti at four years old Another country, another language Then at sixteen, and not of his own volition, he endured a rickety boat journey to Florida where, initially as an illegal immigrant, he had to find a way not only to survive but to blossom Another country, another language That Josue had the strength of character to persevere against many setbacks is inspiring His search for his own cultural identity raises interesting questions especially for me having just read Bloom Where You Are Planted a memoir in which transient expat Lasairiona McMaster assures readers that raising her son in various cultures will enable him to fit in everywhere Josue s life experience is of never feeling as though he totally fitted in anywhere.Josue recounts a few episodes from his childhood in the Bahamas and mostly from Haiti He also talks extensively about his fight to become a legal American citizen and the struggle to raise the ridiculously high sums needed for his education Now fully qualified and practicing as a doctor, it is obvious the struggle was worthwhile I...

  2. Stephanie(yuqing) Lin says:

    Let me say, I was hooked on reading this book and could not put it down after the first few pages The way Josu describes his emotions, anger, and feelings towards the white man and towards his own family really captivates his experience as a child of an immigrant The dilemma of assimilation into the American white culture, and preserving his roots is one that many people can relate to The encountering with the doctors who are insensitive and oblivious to their questions Relatable, VALID I personally enjoyed the way that Josu was able to captivate his conflict with his cultural identity, discrimination, and racism, as well as his descriptions of the Caribbean and Haiti I think that this is a b...

  3. Never Without a Book™ says:

    Bahamian, Haitian American author Cholet Kelly Josue novel Twelve Unending Summers Memoir of an Immigrant Child was a read that hit home for me I am a child of Haitian immigrants and the risk they took to come to the United States for better opportunity and a second chance in life is truly something Josue tells us his story of his Haitian Bahamian upbringing, the loose of his parents, his arrival to a new world at the age of sixteen and his prostitute to live that American Dream Although I was born and raised in the US, 80% of what Josue experienced here I dealt with and so have so many others This moving story will have you bringing out the tissu...

  4. Karen Whittard says:

    This book tells the story of the struggles and difficulties that an immigrant has to face Even trying to get into your country in the first place and every step their after It will open your eyes to their struggles and the incredible amount of stren...

  5. A. M. says:

    I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review Twelve Unending Summers by Dr Cholet Kelly Josu is quite a powerful memoir.The premise of the story surrounds the life of a Bahamian born, Haitian man who is trying to come to terms with his identity, as he has lived the U.S and schooled in the U.S for a great part of his life Truly, the story is a story about trying to find one s own identity when that identity is stretched between three very different countries.This book was very interesting and something that I was able to relate with personally I was born in the United Kingdom to a Bahamian mother and Spanish father, and from the age of two years old I have lived in the U.S. It wasn t until I was twenty years old that I returned to England I don t feel like I belong to any country though, no matter where I go my values don t fit neatly into the norms of the society I talk different than everyone else, I hold a sort of racial ambiguity that no one quite knows how to place me.From that perspective I could relate to what the author was saying about not having a home anywhere between these countries and instead needing to find home within oneself Of course his narrative, also integrates racial views and racism between the countries he s lived and the countries t...

  6. Barbara Tsipouras says:

    Does the country we grow up in define our identity How much does our heritage shape us and what s the influence of the country we now live in Will immigrants always be the other or is it ever possible to fit in And at the some time maintain ones own cultural identity These are questions all immigrants can relate to.Besides his individual story the author tells us about Haiti, the difficult immigration process and racism in the USA, even blacks against blacks, being poor and the value of educat...

  7. Meenu Annadurai says:

    I received this review copy by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you Netgalley Those who have been given great gifts, also carry heavy burdens Twelve unending summer Memoir of an immigrant child by Dr Cholet Kelly Josue, MD is a soul stirring memoir of the author which will make the readers feel all the emotions he underwent, as it was The cultural and emotional instability a child undergoes when exposed different lifestyles and geographic regions has been written down straightly from his heart In the prologue the author poses a question where do I belong Born in Bahamas to a Haiti parents and lived a life as an American, this question haunts the author throughout his course of life This is a no simple question, we all need a ground to be anchored to and a place to be called ours Without knowing one s identity, history and background living a life is impossible, this what the author has tried to divulge in this book and has also succeeded extraordinarily It s not a book o...

  8. Isabelle says:

    Twelve Unending Summers Memoir of an Immigrant Child by Cholet Kelly Josue is a book that hit just the right spots for me In the prologue, he posed the questions Where did I fully belong Where could I call home As a fellow immigrant that also came to the US as a teenager, his story really resonated with me While I do not come from a country as poverty stricken and in shambles as he speaks about Haiti being, I understand some of the confusion he felt of being torn between different cultures Out of that catastrophe emerged a question of identity that had been simmering inside me for decades, after having spent all my adult life thinking like an American, after having been assimilated into the American melting pot Or maybe not so assimilated after all No matter what country you are from, I hazard a guess that the majority of immigrants in the US has felt this way at some point If you are looking for a read that will bring back those memories or want to learn about the struggle...

  9. BooksAndRae says:

    I received an arc of this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this book.It was interesting to read about the life of the author but throughout the whole book I could just feel something was missing.I wasn t fully emersed in the story and found myself browsing past a few parts and I think it was due to how the story was structured and layered out to read.It was different and eye opening, reading about Haitian life and traditions and what some have to face when it comes to trying to travel abroad Also how Chloet was trying to discover himself, trying to find an insight into who he is through living in America with his Haitian descent and birth, but also his life, from first going to America and his movement towards college.I went into the book thinking it would be directly on finding out who he is but by the end I fe...

  10. Aditi says:

    This is a brilliant book, a memoir from a Haitian immigrant Cholet Kelly Josue writes with passion and Twelve Unending Summers is relatable for any 1st or 2nd generation immigrant struggling with finding themselves A recommended read for lovers of Malala Yousafzai s novel s and memoirs in general.

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